Thursday, December 29, 2005

new xanga site

well, i've succumbed to xanga. say what you will. so from now on you should visit (i don't know if this will link or not.) anyway, that's all. come see me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

ok, here's the stuff i forgot. and yes, i feel a little sheepish for forgetting some of this stuff.

*israel begins to hand over the gaza strip to the palestinians
*pope john paul ii dies (i saw his grave this summer by accident) and a new pope is chosen
*huge earthquake in pakistan
*revelation of deep throat
*free elections in iraq
*bird flu
*michael jackson trial
*terry schiavo debate

i'm sure i missed some more, so let me know if you think i didn't include something important.

ciao for now.

big in 2005

list time: here is a list of all the news stories in 2005 that i can think of without having to look them up -- straight from my own memory. later, i will look them up and add all the stuff i missed. here goes. and not in chronological order. in the order that i remember them.

*london bombing (i was there)
*cia leak
*ongoing iraq war
*saddam's trial
*death of rosa parks
*hurricane katrina (and rita and wilma)
*attack on the russian school (or was that 2004?)
*chief justice william renhquist dies
*that girl in the caribbean disappeared
*that runaway bride story (again '04 or '05?)
*wire taps and patriot act crap

well, my mind is going blank. now. it's time to go look them up. i'm sure i'm going to feel stupid over some of the stuff i've forgotten.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


well, i did most of my christmas shopping yesterday. just a few more things left to buy. glad to get alot of it out of the way. being out in the christmas crowds is just frustrating. also, yesterday, i went to my mom's first grade class and read "how the grinch stole christmas." that was fun, and the kids were cute. i meant to be more productive today, but it's already almost 3 pm, and i'm still in my pajamas. oh well.
i had dinner last night with laura mccraw at panera bread company, and i found a fly in my salad. gross.
i found my journal from my europe trip, and i read through it today. i miss that trip, and it made me want to move there more than ever.
i bought the cutest little baby dress yesterday for my friend katie. she's about to have a baby. she's my best friend's little sister, and i remember the day she was born. weird. i hope her baby is born before i leave, but i think it will probably happen right after i leave.
well, i guess i should go. i need to get on the treadmill, and i need to do some more shopping, and i need to make a salad for a party my mom is going to tonight. sigh. i like being lazy sometimes.
have a merry christmas, everybody.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

cool ten

ugh. the last post was just too negative. my apologies. things are not as bad as they seem. so here's a quick cool ten

10. the tree is finally up and decorated
9. the children's christmas pageant at church tonight. so cute
8. having plenty of free time and getting to sleep in
7. being able to buy songs off of itunes (actually this could get me in trouble)
6. seeing some familiar friendly faces at church
5. my brother and sister-in-law: they make me smile
4. new coffee shop in springdale -- it's about time
3. my hair today -- looked pretty good
2. finding some old friends on xanga
1. my mom -- sometimes she drives me nuts, but i don't know what i would do without her

so, there you go. things will be ok. and in case any of you are bored, 10 points to whoever can tell me what song and artist this line comes from: "the pumps don't work cause the vandals broke the handles." and rex, if you do actually read this, you're excluded for obvious reasons.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

there really is no place like home . . . take that as you will with all of its positive and negative connotations. home barely a week, and some days i don't know if i will be able to stand it another 3 weeks. it's just not the same anymore, especially with my parents officially divorced now. (forgive me if i'm harping on this too much, but it's left a huge hole). but the truth is i just don't really belong here anymore. i haven't lived here since may of last year. i mean i'll always have a home to come back to, but i really don't live here anymore, i guess is the simplest way to put it. it doesn't even really feel like christmas either. we sort of half heartedly put up the tree the other night, but it still doesn't have any decorations on it. i guess we'll try to finish it tonight. and i haven't done any christmas shopping either. and things with my dad feel weird. i haven't seen him since i've been home. i suppose things could be much worse and i should think of things to be thankful for, but it still doesn't make things any less weird.
i've been spending most of my time at home putting music on my ipod. i had to erase everything on it and start over, which is fine. it just takes time. my friend laura may try to get me a job for a few weeks at the restaurant where she works, which would be awesome because i really don't want to go to a temp agency.
it's weird being away from everybody on tour even though we needed a break. i talked to emilia right before she left for greece, and i talked to topher the other day, and i've talked to rhyd the kid 3 or 4 times since i've been home. i miss those guys.
my life sounds so dull right now. i went from traveling all over the country to home and doing nothing interesting. we did go down to arkadelphia yesterday to see my sister-in-law graduate from college. that was kind of cool, i guess. and i found a new coffee shop in springdale. yeah, i'm boring, at least for a while. i'm getting to the end of my book on johnny cash. it's really good. hopefully, i'll get to go up to springfield to see emilia at new year's. um, i guess i'm done. my life's really not that bad, just weird right now.

Monday, December 12, 2005

home again home again jiggity jig

well, here i am. back in arkansas. i drove 1300 miles this weekend. i get all the points. i've never driven that far by myself, but i did it, and i'm proud of myself. so i'm home for almost a month, and i hope it's a good month. i haven't been home this long since i moved away over a year and a half ago. we'll see. the last few weeks between thanksgiving and now were pretty good. at first, when i got in from thanksgiving, i was kind of sad to go on a break for so long, but not long after that, i was ready for a break. our time in georgia was fun. the kids in milledgeville invited us over for a big christmas party with lots of mistle toe. and we stopped in athens, georgia which was a cute little town. then on our way back to maryland, we stopped in greenville, sc, and i got to see my friend beth and her baby and husband andy. it was sort of last minute, and i only got to stay for about half an hour, but it was great. then i had another random pensacola flashback. we had a school matinee in maryland last week, and one of the teachers was a named katie beth hostetter was in the speech department with me at pcc. i didn't really know her at all, but i recognized her face, and we talked for a few minutes. maybe seeing those two people recently was why i had a recent nightmare about being back at pcc. nothing other than a nightmare.
anyway, our last show was cancelled because of snow, which was great. it was a morning school show, so we were all up getting dressed at 5:30 am, waiting for the call and watching the news. finally, we found out and ate a quick breakfast and promptly went back to bed. so ends our first leg of tour. one guy has already quit because of health reasons (even though most of us believe he was looking for an excuse to get out). all i can say is there's less negative energy now.
anyway, the drive home was pretty cool. the blue ridge mountains were covered in snow and so beautiful. i drove all the way from maryland to nashville the first day.
the trip just reinforced for me how much i love to always be on the move. i don't really think i can ever settle down. rambling is in my .
we had a christmas party last week. that was fun, and i looked fabulous. we had a gift exchange and topher bought me johnny cash's autobiography, which i'm loving already. also, frank, our costume designer knitted us all hats, and mine has a "k" on it cause i'm special.
well, i think i had more to say (typical), but i can't think of what it was. i'm sure i'll come up with something later. i'm going to try to spend this break, working, if i can. and reading and putting music on my ipod. and trying not to let my family drive me crazy. oh and also, try not to kill myself because of the cold weather that i absolutely hate, hate, hate. winter. i hate it. but, uh, have a merry christmas. ;)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

i'm bored. does this mean i already miss tour?????

well, i'm bored. there's probably a million things i could be doing right now, but i'm not. i did see some good movies this weekend: pride and prejudice and walk the line.
anyway, like i said. i'm bored. i found this on a friend's website, so i figured i would give it a shot for my own amusement. here 'tis.

10 years ago: let's see. november 1995. 10th grade. my first year as a cheer leader so i probably spent most of my time outside of class going to basketball games. i annoyed all of my friends by practicing cheers in between classes, etc. i think i was reading the robe by lloyd c. douglas. it had a big impact on me. i had long hair and thick bangs. spent time hanging out with amber and kelli, i think.

5 years ago: 2000. my last semester at pensacola. i spent most of this semester getting into trouble and trying to decide if i wanted to transfer. best decision i ever made. spent alot of time with the speechies. and talking on the phone to abel even though he was in a serious dating relationship . . . beth and i discovered the government street deli and van gogh's coffee shop. prop room 2.0 =) (ten points if you know what that refers to).

1 year ago: thanksgiving 2004. spent the day at olney with the other interns cooking our own thanksgiving dinner. kind of boring. carousel was going on then, so i had lots of fun with jeffries, larry, nehal, and tracy. spent too much energy trying to hold on to a guy who wasn't really that interested in me. spent alot of time driving around in my car.

yesterday: slept really late. got up to help my mom cook (we had thanksgiving on friday instead of thursday because we couldn't all be there thursday). everyone came over and we had dinner. then we played taboo and my mom dyed my hair brown.

5 snacks i enjoy: reese's peanut butter cups, strawberries, french fries (unfortunately, although this tour is starting to make me sick of them), chips and salsa, cookie dough bits dug out of the ice cream

5 things i would do with a million dollars: move to europe, pay off my debts, give alot of it away, move to europe, move to europe

5 places i would run away to: europe, australia, mexico, hawaii, the pacific northwest

5 bad habits: being late, being disorganized, being impatient, popping my knuckles, eating junk food

5 people i tag to do this: all 2 of you left who read this blog.